Special Memories Made in Livigno

A few years ago, I had the privilege of going on an incredible winter holiday with my family, where we spent a wonderful 7 nights over Christmas time in Livigno, Italy.

Having a white Christmas is something every kid dreams about, and even though I was way past the age bracket of being a child and believing in Santa, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it was absolutely magical! Something about the small Italian village lined with twinkling Christmas lights, and feeling the cold snowy air on our faces as we explored around, really made this experience feel like it was straight out of a movie!

I wanted to share some insider aspects of the trip that I hope will stir excitement about your upcoming Livigno holiday, or if you haven’t yet, inspire you into booking one!

Here’s what a day looks like, while on a ski trip in Livigno:

I’d wake up pretty early, along with my sister and brother, and practically run downstairs to the breakfast buffet at our hotel – Galli’s Centro. We’d race to get the first cup of coffee or hot chocolate, the freshest pastry or bowl of fruit, and our favourite part, using honey from a full honeycomb stand that blew our minds!

We’d sit in the warm and cozy dining room with our family, filling up for a day on the slopes with excited chatter. Then a quick change into our ski clothes (or as quick as possible when putting multiple layers on) and out the door we go! Our ski equipment is stored in lockers right by the hotel, which is super convenient when we’re roaring to go!

A short way away, the first ski lift awaits, and up the huge and beautiful slopes we go! There’s nothing quite like the first lift of the day, taking in the scenery and the fresh air as you’re whisked up the mountain.


We’d spend a solid few hours going up various lifts (our favourite was Carosella 3000 – a huge lift that even has its own wifi!) and skiing down the slopes, making our way across the mountain side. At lunch time, we ski to one of the mountain huts or panoramic restaurants, we’re we’d take our ski’s off outside, and get some reprieve from the cold!

Not for too long though, because the best part is ordering your lunch and hot chocolate,  and sitting on an outside deck admiring the views! There’s nothing better than ordering some soul-warming Italian food on the slopes!

Then off we’d go again, skiing our hearts out until the ski lifts close at around 4pm (due to the sun going down quite early). We’d head back to our hotel, put our ski’s away for the next day and race to get to the sizzling shower first! We weren’t quite at the age to indulge in any apres-ski fun, but our family would then walk around the snowy streets of Livigno, visiting the various shops full of duty-free goods and adorable souvenirs! I bought about 3 different mugs to remember the town by!

Vendors lined the pedestrian zone, offering deliciously sweet Nutella crepes, spicy warm Gluwein, and hot crunchy chestnuts to satisfy passers-by.  Our family had to try them all of course.

Back at the hotel for dinner, we were treated to a 3-course meal every night, where we could choose an option for each course, based on our preference. The hotel truly outdid itself, with meals like squid, veal, calamari and desserts galore!

Tummies stuffed and bodies tired, we’d have early nights most of the time, wanting to be fresh and ready for the next day’s adventures! All in all, there was never a boring moment, meal or place to visit – Livigno may not be the largest town, but it has everything you need!

One of the most notable things we did, and anyone can do when on their trip– is to watch the Ski Instructor night-time show! It is absolutely breathtaking, a huge crowd gathering at the bottom of the slopes in the evening, seeing the most talented skiers and ski instructors perform wild tricks down the slopes – somersault, backflips and even fire displays! We happened to watch it on New Years Eve (although it is performed every week) and wow, what a way to enter into a new year!

It is safe to say that my trip to Livigno holds some of the most unique experiences of my life – a week went by far too quickly! If you’re on the fence about whether or not this trip is for you, trust me when I say there is nothing else in the world that compares.

Just writing this makes me yearn for another trip, and I hope its built some excitement in you readers for the next winter season! Happy Planning 😊