Getting skiing fit is important

You’re probably asking yourself ‘Do I need to get fit for my ski holiday?’. The answer, in a word, is: YES. After all, the last thing you want is to finish each early, sat in your accommodation exhausted and sore, when you could be enjoying yourself at après ski with everyone else!

Even if you’ve only got a couple of weeks left before you set off don’t stress too much, a bit of exercise is still better than nothing.

How do I get in shape for skiing?
There are four key elements to work on before you’re ready to hit the slopes:

1 – Cardiovascular Fitness
Getting your cardio levels up will help you prepare for the reduced oxygen levels at altitude.

2 – Leg Strength
You’ll spend a lot of time in a squat position and your power, ability to turn and ability to stop all come from your legs – you need to make sure to strengthen your legs.

3 – Core Strength
Don’t neglect your upper body! Having a strong core will help your stability and improve your overall skiing and snowboarding performance.

4 – Flexibility
Working on your flexibility will increase your overall mobility and can help you avoid injury. A ski-specific yoga routine will help both flexibility and core strength and can also improve your coordination which can help with skiing technique.

Exercises to do:

  • Ski Squat Pumps (jumps)
  • Split Leg Lunges
  • Hop and Stick
  • Lateral Ski Bounds
  • Squat Hold Touchdowns
  • Runner’s Reach (Right Leg)
  • Runner’s Reach (Left Leg)