And we don’t mean because Spring has finally arrived! Livigno is a town that is very committed to conserving the environment, a commendable quality that more towns should be striving toward. Livigno’s conservation efforts extend well into the tourism industry, allowing visitors to enjoy the sights and activities, without the stress of a heavy environmental impact.

While Livigno may  face unique challenges due to its remote location and mountainous terrain, the town has placed a large focus on sustainable transport in order to lower its carbon footprint leading up to the 2026 Olympics!

Here’s how sustainable transport is thriving in Livigno:

Car-Free Zone: The centre of Livigno’s has been designated as a car-free zone, making it pedestrian-friendly and conducive to walking and cycling, which reduces traffic, air pollution, and noise levels while creating a safe and pleasant environment for residents and visitors to explore on foot.


Bike Rental Program: Livigno is big into cycling as a sustainable mode of transport,  with various places to rent bicycles from, as a fun and exciting way to explore Livigno. Ride throughout the town, or explore the scenic mountains on two wheels, there are paths all throughout the ski resort! Visitors can take part in organised tours with the option of E-bike rentals  too. These options allow an adventurous alternative to seeing the town and surrounding landscape, without the added pollution!

Focus on Electric Cars and Bikes: Livigno has installed free electric vehicle charging stations throughout the town to support the growing number of electric bikes and cars. These charging stations use clean energy sources, such as solar and hydroelectric power, to recharge electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. 

Public Transportation: Livigno’s public transportation system includes bus services that connect the town with neighbouring villages and ski resorts. These buses operate on clean-burning fuels and adhere to strict emission standards to minimise their environmental impact. By providing accessible and affordable public transportation options, Livigno encourages residents and visitors to choose sustainable modes of travel. There are 55 stops throughout the village of Livigno and 12 in Trepalle, strategically located to make your holiday comfortable and carefree!


Looking ahead:

With the 2026 Winter Olympics being partly held in Livigno, the town is using this incredible opportunity to improve on current structures and increase development of eco-sustainable tourism. Livigno is taking great steps in order to prepare for an influx of spectators, to protect their precious landscape and remain as sustainable as possible! Livigno is paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future in the Italian Alps.