Ski Hire

TOP category ski hire

Ski Hire is included in your package and we use TOP category skis. There are 2 ski hire shops; one is right next to our local rep office at Via dalla Chiesa, 610/a and the other is at Lift Nr 20. On arrival, you will need to make your way to the hire shop where you will try on boots and skis. Once you have a pair that fit tight but snugly, you take these with you to store them at your accommodation. Your boots need to fit well so get into the habit of wearing a thick pair of socks with your boots ( or 2 pairs of socks ). The boots should not hurt your feet – please go back to the hire shop to change them if they do.

Please make sure all hired ski equipment is returned to the shop on the night prior to departure with plenty of time before your shop closes (unless you have a different arrangement). Any lost or stolen equipment will have to be replaced by you and the hire shop does offer insurance if you wish to take it out. In order to receive compensation from your insurance company you must report the theft/loss to the police and file a report.