Ski Lift Passes

Livigno Ski passes

Lift passes are required to use the ski slopes and related facilities in Livigno. Ski-Livigno sells ski passes / lift passes giving access to the entire snow areas of Livigno. The passes are needed to access any ski slope and also give free access to the ski busses in the valley.

When you receive your ski pass please take a clear photo of the front side with all the numbers. This will ensure it can be cancelled if lost and you can be issued another for only EUR 20.- rather than the full amount. Your ski pass is electronic and should be put into a pocket on the left-hand side of your jacket and not removed for the duration of your holiday.  The ski lifts will automatically activate it.

Ski lifts are open from 08h45 until 17h00 – times depend on season. If you are on a chair lift please remember to pull down the safety bar.

Seasons affect the ski pass cost and there is also a

Discounts are by age: typically under 7 years is no charge ; under 16 years is a Youth price ; under 65 years is an Adult rate and older is a Senior rate. Free ski pass promotional weeks are before Christmas and selected dates in April.